Cushion Covers Butterfly Arabesque

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  • Dark Magenta
  • Plum Purple
  • Slate Blue

BUTTERFLY ARABESQUE is a pattern, where the conspicuous transforming curved lines are formed by blending the motif of gracefully fluttering butterflies with the strong shape of the arabesque. The butterfly has been considered a symbol of reincarnation and resurrection. In Japan the samurai treasured it as an image of immortality. Together with the design of the arabesque, which symbolizes prosperity, the elegantly transforming lines convey a sense of eternal tranquility. The material of one side of the cushion cover is KAJI KINRAN original fabrics, Kinran fabrics of Nishijin Textile in Kyoto, and the other is that of the high quality Danish Textile which is very popular in Europe. We believe that our collaboration makes you satisfied, which brings good symphony and contrast between our traditional NISHIJIN Textile of Kyoto and Textile of KVADRAT , the representative textile company of Denmark.

Color Design: Textile Designer Rika Kawato
Material: KAJI KINRAN 100% Silk / KVADRAT 90 % new wool, worsted, 10 % nylon
Size: 30 × 30 cm

Item quantity: Price: € 300